Friday, December 19, 2008

If God exists, He must be aXXo.

If you have ever downloaded a movie using torrents, chances are you know aXXo. I mean you wouldn't 'know' Him, but must have noticed His work. Such is the aura of His immensity that His existence cannot be ignored.

For all you ignorant losers,
aXXo is the Internet alias of an individual or group, converting commercial DVD movies into computer files that are then uploaded on the Internet for free download. Despite numerous attempts to uncover His real identity, aXXo's background remains unknown.

His notable work

He spreads the message of love (romantic movies), preaches non-violence (comedy!), teaches you the meaning of life (drama!), helps poor (did I mention that He does all this for free?), loves us all equally, is always kind (100% quality assurance) ...
He has His own religion (piracy).
He has His own church/mosque/gurudwara/synagogue/temple (piratebay/mininova/torrentz/isohunt/sumotorrent).
He has his own Bible/Quran/Geeta (the .torrent files).
He is a spirit; no one has ever seen Him.
He is personal. He has a name- aXXo (so cool - "aXXo")
He could be anyone amongst us or may be looking down upon us from somewhere (as a program on some server).
He is omnipresent, truthful, patient, eternal, wise ....


Awesomeness Lesson #9: Spread the love (seed) and you will get the love (speed).

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