Friday, December 19, 2008

If God exists, He must be aXXo.

If you have ever downloaded a movie using torrents, chances are you know aXXo. I mean you wouldn't 'know' Him, but must have noticed His work. Such is the aura of His immensity that His existence cannot be ignored.

For all you ignorant losers,
aXXo is the Internet alias of an individual or group, converting commercial DVD movies into computer files that are then uploaded on the Internet for free download. Despite numerous attempts to uncover His real identity, aXXo's background remains unknown.

His notable work

He spreads the message of love (romantic movies), preaches non-violence (comedy!), teaches you the meaning of life (drama!), helps poor (did I mention that He does all this for free?), loves us all equally, is always kind (100% quality assurance) ...
He has His own religion (piracy).
He has His own church/mosque/gurudwara/synagogue/temple (piratebay/mininova/torrentz/isohunt/sumotorrent).
He has his own Bible/Quran/Geeta (the .torrent files).
He is a spirit; no one has ever seen Him.
He is personal. He has a name- aXXo (so cool - "aXXo")
He could be anyone amongst us or may be looking down upon us from somewhere (as a program on some server).
He is omnipresent, truthful, patient, eternal, wise ....


Awesomeness Lesson #9: Spread the love (seed) and you will get the love (speed).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Now this is Awesome!

Redanyway has been 'TechCrunch'ed.

This is awesome!

[ For all you losers who don't know what TechCrunch is, Awesomeness Lesson #11 : Follow TechCrunch. ]

Redanyway is still in private beta, so it is expected that you find bugs and issues in it, but that should not stop you from using it. Infact the more you participate, sooner you will get to use Redanyway in its complete awesomeness.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awesomeness Lesson # 5 : Grow up!

"Hey, where are the A.L.#2,#3,#4 ... ?"
"Dude, You misnumbered the Lesson!"
"It's not awesome to make a mistake"
Its time to grow up. It's the message from the lesson that matters, not the number of the A.L.

Hope you have done your homework so far and have installed the Redanyway widget on your loser blogs to make them ROCK. If not, GROW UP!

And all you losers who have their blogs on Blogger (except me), Wordpress (.com), Typepad, Livejournal, Piczo, Freewebs, Vox, Zanga etc. can add the Redanyway widget from their Redanyway widget gallery to the blog with just a click. Checkout yourself at Redanyway. Oh, and the invite code for you is 'paintred'. You can invite your loser friends too.
Grow up! Don't abandon your stupid blog because no one except our mom is reading it. Your blog is just like you. YOU need to awesome-ize it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Awesomeness Lesson # 1

Awesomeness Lesson # 1 - Join Redanyway!

Redanyway is a distributed social n/w that enables you to convert your website into a profile page.

Sounds cool, doesnt it?

Well, it works even better!

Have a look at a Redanyway widget that I have put up on this site here -> 'on the right sidebar'. It has my friends, readers who have subscribed to this blog, and the blogs I have subscribed to. This is just one of many such incredible widgets offered by Redanyway.

You can join Redanyway very easily. Just hit the 'follow' link on the widget and you will be taken to the registration and ... well thats it! now once you are on the Redanyway network - or lets say you are a member of Redanyway you can follow or friend anyone who is already having a profile set up with Redanyway.

Try it our yourself as your 1st lesson and a big step towards awesomeness ;) .

More about Redanyway to follow.